Updates from BlissROMs: Udoo partnership and the Bliss contest

Updates from BlissROMs: Udoo partnership and the Bliss contest

Due to the fact that the team has been receiving rather remarkable submissions for their BootAnimation and Wallpaper Contest for Android O, the last date of submission had been pushed to the first of July. For the curious that wish to see some, here’s a collection of all the entries submitted to the team so far.

There are some other news as well:

  • BlissCAF has been re based to Android 7.1.2 and all the features have been added back. Bliss deCAF is currently in the testing phase for OTA update support.
  • Kenzo users shall now receive unified builds for goodfix FP sensor users. The need of extra patches will be eliminated.
  • Widevine DRM blobs have been added to Bliss x86 in order to add support for the applications that depend on it, say, Netflix.
  • A fresh Bliss Wallpapers application is in the making. Tons of wallpapers are being added to the application’s collection each day.
  • For the Axon 7 build, trust-zones have been removed. Hence, the bootstacks will no longer be restricted. In order to achieve better signal strength, the data has been reverted to RIL-CAF.
  • The team is working on removing SuperSu to facilitate addidions of the ARISE Sound Systems project and Magisk into the ROMs.
  • An icon pack garnered specifically for BlissROMs is in the making with support for 250 icons predicted (initial release) and an Icon Requester built in.

With the commencement of the month of July, the Bliss Contest has come to an end.​ ​All of the submissions will be hosted right here, once they’ve individually been reviewed. The team is working hard to bring their current branches of Bliss (deCAF, CAF and x86) to a point after which they can easily concentrate on Android 8. New vendor developments with Bliss-x86 have been in the works as well, and the team has been working with Udoo to help get the Bliss-x86 builds optimised for the Udoo-x86 devices. The initial test release has been made available for the masses at the Bliss downloads server. Lastly, there are some more small changes: there’s now a choice for having builds that include or exclude root, and this change has been merged into the deCAF branch. An option to disable screenshot sound has now been added, and in order to set Taskbar as the default navigation bar on boot and enable freedom mode, there have been additions of special “BLISS_TABLET” commits to the Gerrit for both CAF and deCAF branches.

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