Can the RAM and storage on MacBook Air (2022) be upgraded?

Can the RAM and storage on MacBook Air (2022) be upgraded?

Whether you’re a first time buyer or someone who has purchased a Mac before, there might be a few surprises that come up when purchasing a Mac product with Apple silicon. While there are plenty of benefits to the new hardware, there are also drawbacks. The one question you might be asking yourself is – can the RAM and storage on the MacBook Air (2022) be upgraded? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. So before you go out and purchase your MacBook Air (2022), please make sure to choose the specification of your laptop carefully. This is a choice that you will have to live with for the life of the product.


Why it isn’t possible to upgrade the MacBook Air (2022)?

The reason for this is that Apple made the switch from traditional CPUs to its own in-house silicon. Apple revealed the M1 chip back in 2020. Two years later, during its WWDC 2022 event, Apple revealed its next generation SoC with the introduction of the M2, featured in the new MacBook Air. So what does this mean? It means that you will need to choose your CPU, RAM, and internal storage configurations at the time of purchase. That means there will be no upgrading in the future.

While this might sound like bad business, it’s a bit of a toss up. Although you lose the ability to upgrade your PC, you get a better experience due to Apple’s ability to unify the hardware, the operating system, and software. The results pretty much speak for themselves, as reviews have been extremely positive. So while you can’t upgrade or update the internal hardware, you can make the right choice at the point of sale.

MacBook Air 2022 RAM and Storage options

What configuration options are available for the MacBook Air (2022)?

For now, with the MacBook Air (2022), there are only two M2 chipset options, one with an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, and the other being an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU. You can see from the configuration page above that you will also have the ability to choose your RAM and internal storage. You will have the option of mixing and matching the RAM and internal storage – so choose wisely. The base model starts at $1,199 and can go as high as $2,499.

Once you have configured your MacBook Air (2022), that’s it. You can never upgrade it in the future. For those that have already purchased the MacBook Air (2022), my condolences. As stated before, there is no way to upgrade your RAM and internal storage. The only way to make a change is to sell the current model you own and buy a new one.

    Apple's MacBook Air (2022) offers the latest with its powerful M2 SoC.

If you’d like, please check out the models available from Best Buy or head to the Apple website for more configuration options.

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