@Upleaks Leaker MIA After Huge Leak Blowout

@Upleaks Leaker MIA After Huge Leak Blowout

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These past couple of hours have seen a massive leak blowout by @upleaks whose twitter is now non-existent. The leaks provided feature promotional videos of commercials detailing many aspects of the HTC M9, including the highly rumored and speculated design. Whistle-blower @upleaks had originally confirmed that the renders of the M9 that have been floating around for a couple of weeks were original, and shortly after, he posted the aforementioned videos. For now it is not known whether @upleaks was forced to delete his twitter, if it was done remotely or if he chose to do so after the blowout of comments and drama that followed.

The now-gone leaker has had a short history in the business and his reputation had more ups and downs than we can count. Many originally considered him the “follow-up” to Evan Blass’ legacy, but after some poor and false leaks many walked away. Love him or hate him, this time he proved his mettle as a leaker; but we don’t know how much good there is in his actions just yet. However, keep in mind that as detailed and professional as those videos are, there is still a possibility that @evleaks was right and this is just another ploy by HTC to defer us from the actual product reveal. Now that would be a twist, wouldn’t it?

One thing is for sure: this story will most likely not end here, and we are expecting comments from HTC and the man himself shortly. We will keep you updated on what happens, but for now you can do your own detective work on social media.

You can check out the leaked videos below:

2/25/2015: @upleaks is now back with his old twitter account.