US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 now getting Android Oreo update

US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 now getting Android Oreo update

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Samsung is now rolling out Android Oreo to the US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 devices. It has been just over a year since Android Oreo’s launch, and with Android P on the horizon, it’s really, really late. Carriers have had the update for a long while now, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 got the update back in April, too. Android Oreo has many new features such as picture-in-picture modenotification channelsbackground app optimizationsnotification snoozing, and more. There are also plenty of Samsung-specific changes with Samsung Experience 9.0. The file size clocks in at 1481.47MB.

While it’s annoying that unlocked Samsung devices get the update last, it kind of makes sense. When an update is sent out, the carriers have to test it and make sure it works correctly on their network before shipping it out to devices. With an unlocked device, it needs to work on all carriers. That’s why unlocked devices get the update last, as all of the carriers have only now finished their testing. That can also cause issues if one device fails on a particular carrier, as it now has to be fixed and retested again on all of them.

Having said all of that, a year to wait for an update on a flagship device is still unacceptable. Even the version rolled out to unlocked UK handsets only arrived in April as well, about the same time as the unlocked S8 got it in the US. The company takes a long time to release updates for its older flagships. Samsung Galaxy S7 owners should know that this is the last major software upgrade they will receive. For the next year, all they can receive is security updates if Samsung decides to commit to them. Annoyingly, the update which users are receiving has a security patch level of April 1, 2018. The July security bulletin is already out, and devices are already getting it.

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Source: /r/GalaxyS7