US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 gets FM Radio support in latest update

US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 gets FM Radio support in latest update

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Depending on where you live, you may or may not be surprised that most modern smartphones come with the ability to listen to FM radio. This is one of those features that have become a must-have in select markets around the world, but that isn’t the case for the United States. As more people move to an online streaming ecosystem, the FM radio has become less desirable in the United States, but there are a lot of people that still use it. With the recent OTA update pushed to the unlocked Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+, these customers can now enjoy the radio feature.

Many people are under the impression that it was the carriers who were locking down the FM radio or putting pressure on the OEM to lock it down. However, that wasn’t the case with the Galaxy S9 as carrier versions of the device have had FM radio support since it launched. So it was confusing that the unlocked version didn’t have access to the FM radio feature. XDA Senior Member wolfgart went and flashed a T-Mobile carrier firmware onto their unlocked Galaxy S9 and noticed the radio was working as it should.

It has been reported that this was due to an unforeseen bug and that unlocked Galaxy S9 customers would have to wait for an update. Unlocked models typically get these OTA updates faster than carrier-branded ones but again, that wasn’t the case this time around. This week the company did finally push out the ARF4 update to unlocked Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ customers, though, and that has finally fixed the promised support of the FM radio.

Via: SamMobile