USB Bootable Linux Distro for Android Recovery/Modding Receives Version 2.0 Update

USB Bootable Linux Distro for Android Recovery/Modding Receives Version 2.0 Update

Microsoft Windows has been the dominant desktop/laptop OS for quite a long time, with users being forced to deal with all of the issues which come with it. Dealing with incompatible drivers when trying to connect your Android phone to your PC can be especially frustrating. That’s where “Forget Windows Use Linux” (FWUL), by XDA Senior Member steadfastX, comes in. It’s a USB bootable Linux distribution which aims  provides all of the tools out of the box that any Android user may want. This is an operating system that is aimed at a person who wants to mess with or recover their device without the hassle of dealing with Windows or finding the right software. And now, the ambitious project has received a version 2.0 update with many new enhancements.


It even looks a lot like Windows.

“Forget Windows Use Linux” Version 2.0 Released

FWUL 2.0 comes with many under-the-hood improvements and features, but one major feature stands out among the rest – persistent mode. As mentioned previously, the operating system is made to be run as a live-USB OS, which usually means after rebooting your computer that any of your changes made in FWUL will not be saved. This is not a huge deal as the operating system is not really meant for general usage, but some, such as developers, may find themselves using FWUL more like a normal OS for many of their needs.

FWUL 2.0 changes this with the addition of persistent mode. This lets you save your files and installed programs if you choose the persistent mode on boot.

The new persistent mode.

There are also a number of smaller changes. FWUL has upgraded to the newest version of the Linux distribution it is based on, Arch Linux. This means all of the system packages should be up to date. The many Android-related programs included have also been upgraded. There is also a new logo and welcome screen, a graphical installer, Mozilla Firefox browser, and bug fixes.

All you have to do to get it is to simply install the operating system on a USB drive as a live-USB, then boot from it! Every Android driver required for adb and fastboot comes pre-installed, along with some other neat features. If you want to give it a try, follow the link below!

Check out “Forget Windows Use Linux” on our forums

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