Use Calls to Send Free Text Messages with Ringtext

Use Calls to Send Free Text Messages with Ringtext

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Wireless Internet Access Points, also known as mobile hotspots, are getting more popular every day. That said, they are still in areas where Internet access is considered a luxury. When you are traveling a lot, you’d likely want to inform your family of your status and whereabouts, and hotspots often are your only choice. As we all know, international phone calls, SMS messages when abroad, and mobile data are very expensive, so they often are not an option if you don’t want to pay a fortune.

Some of us make a quick call and quickly disconnect after hearing the first ring tone. This can be used as code stating that we are okay or maybe to expect a call. It’s a fast and free way to send a short message. XDA Forum Member ringlabs came up with the interesting idea of using ring tones to send predefined messages, free of charge and fast. Ringtext uses XMPP protocol or phone calls to send free messages. The recipient gets a call and a short message in the client. You can add up to 100 messages. Such a number should be enough to prepare yourself for almost every situation.

All calls are absolutely free of charges. It’s a perfect solution for kids without mobile data, backpackers without data coverage, as well as international business travelers seeking to avoid roaming costs.

Don’t pay too much for simple phone calls and SMS messages. Get ringtext and talk with your friends and family for free, without the Internet, fast and simple. Get it from the Ringtext application thread.