Use Lympo to Earn Cash While You Workout

Use Lympo to Earn Cash While You Workout

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If you find yourself running or walking a lot, or plan to in the near future, this app gives you the ability to earn money while you’re doing it! Lympo is an app that uses block-chain technology to create a redeemable currency that can be earned and spent from within the app. The token that is generated from the block-chain technology has a real world value. It is traded in crypto exchanges reaching an average of 500k USD traded on a daily basis.

With Lympo, you’ll be given daily challenges which you can complete in order to earn more money. Once you’ve earned a bit of money in the form of LYM tokens, you can spend them in the Lympo shop. The shop features electronics, shoes, accessories, and shirts. Right now, the daily challenges are only available for people in the U.S. and South Korea.

Now there are a few different apps that have a similar concept, but Lympo is partnered with the Dallas Mavericks from the NBA. This press conference with Mark Cuban explains why he believes in this company so strongly. Lympo is also partnered with pro tennis athlete Caroline Wozniacki.

Lympo is a lot of fun to use, and completing the daily challenges gives you a reason to get out and exercise more. It really turns your workout into a game and you can earn money while playing! Download Lympo for Android using the link below.

Download Lympo for Android
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