Use Rich Text Formatted Descriptions to Improve App Installations

Use Rich Text Formatted Descriptions to Improve App Installations

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You’ve worked hard on developing your first app and you’ve just passed your largest milestone yet: publishing your app on the Google Play Store. Great! Now what? If you have enough cash on hand, name/brand recognition, or social media prowess you probably won’t have too much trouble getting your app’s name out there.

But even if you are a big shot developer, you still need to convince people that your app is worth installing. When a user first arrives to your app’s Play Store landing page, they are met with user reviews, screenshots, and an app description. It’s due to a combination of these that a user decides to give your app a shot and click that install button. Getting people to find your app on the Play Store is one marketing challenge, but once they’re there how do you optimize your app listing to entice a user into installing your app? According to the developers of the e-mail app Boomerang, making a small change like using rich text formatting in your app’s description can have a huge effect on app installation rates.

In a blog post, the company described their discovery of the Play Store’s limited text formatting features as well as the results of an A/B test they performed to see how much of a difference formatting their app description would make. Here is what their app description page looked like before and after they implemented rich text formatting.

The company then used the Play Store’s A/B testing feature to serve users with two different versions of the app’s landing page. Clearly, the same information is being conveyed, but by intelligently using certain formatting options to accentuate certain parts of the description, the company claimed that they saw a 16% improvement in the app’s installation rate.

Of course, the company’s experiment is just one data point and it’s hard to say how effective such a change would be for another developer, but there are many, many applications on the Play Store that currently do not take advantage of rich text formatting. Changing the formatting quite literally takes only a few minutes to do, and the potential benefits could be quite enormous. So if you’re a developer looking to grow your installation base, consider following Boomerang’s lead and cleaning up your app’s Play Store description.

Source: Boomerang