Use Your Android Device as a Remote Controller for Your PC

Use Your Android Device as a Remote Controller for Your PC

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Smartphones serve as ideal multimedia devices. With them, you can easily control your Smart TV or stream video through your Chromecast. Phones can be also used to control your PC, but you need external applications for that—applications like PC Quick Commands by XDA Senior Member ssrij.

This tool is divided into two separate parts. The first is an Android client, with which you can send some commands to control your PC. You can easily shutdown your PC, reboot it, or even put into hibernation. That’s not everything, as you can also easily run an application or process, so your smart device can become a modern remote controller. The second part of the tool is a Windows application that listens to your Android device and waits for the commands. It’s a small app that sleeps somewhere in the status bar of your Windows machine with NET 2.0 installed.

The developer also announced that the application will soon work with more operating systems, so Linux and Mac OS X users will also get to join in on the fun. The application is open source, so all the code can be reviewed and improved by the community.

More information about the project is available in the original thread. You can find both Android and Windows clients there, so don’t hesitate to go there and give it a try.