Steam Deck pre-orders open in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

Steam Deck pre-orders open in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

Good news for Steam Deck enthusiasts in Asia as Valve has finally announced that it will begin taking reservations in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Reservations for the console are now open, with shipments expected to arrive sometime towards the end of the year.

For reservation and sales of the Steam Deck in Asia, Valve will partner with Komodo, which will act as an authorized reseller for the region. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Komodo, put your mind at ease, as Valve has stated that it has worked with the company for years. As you might expect, each region has its own pricing, which you can see below.

Steam Deck 64GB model 256GB model 512GB model
Hong Kong

3,288 Hong Kong dollar (roughly $418)

4,388 Hong Kong dollar (roughly $559)

5,488 Hong Kong dollar (roughly $699)


59,800 Japanese yen (roughly $447)

79,800 Japanese yen (roughly $596)

99,800 Japanese yen (roughly $746)

South Korea

589,000 S. Korean won (roughly $449)

789,000 S. Korean won (roughly $602)

989,000 S. Korean won (roughly $755)


13,380 New Taiwan dollar (roughly $446)

17,680 New Taiwan dollar (roughly $589)

21,980 New Taiwan dollar (roughly $732)

The past couple of months has been crucial for Valve, as it announced it had completed fulfillment of its U.S. Q2 reservations and that it would begin doubling its Steam Deck shipments for Q3. It would accomplish this due to improvements in its supply chain and ramping production. In light of this, the company recently announced that it pushed delivery times forward and that all of its current pre-orders would be fulfilled by year’s end. The firm has not only done a great job of getting consoles into eager hands, but it has also succeeded in supporting the unit with constant updates. Most recently, it delivered a public release of SteamOS 3.3.

While all of this is certainly good news, Valve has made it clear that the Komodo reservations are separate from the rest of the world. So it will be business as usual in other regions. Ahead of its release later this year, Valve will continue its work with Komodo to set up a booth at Tokyo Game Show 2022. Tokyo Game Show typically takes place in mid-September and has over 200,000 attendees. If you happen to be in Japan at the time, you might want to swing by, as it will have a hands-on section for the Steam Deck.

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