Steam Deck Unboxing: What’s in the box?

Steam Deck Unboxing: What’s in the box?

The Steam Deck is one of the hottest devices of 2022 with demand stretching through to Q4 already. It’s also so much more than just a mimic of the Nintendo Switch. Those of us who managed to get our orders in quickly are starting to see our Steam Decks arrive at last. There are three different versions of the Steam Deck, with most of the hardware the same across all three. The entry model goes for 64GB of eMMC storage, while the others opt for much faster NVMe SSDs. And only the 512GB model, the most expensive, can boast of an anti-glare screen. If you’re waiting for your own or you’re just curious about what comes in the retail box, wonder no longer.


What’s inside the Steam Deck retail box?

Steam Deck unboxing

Our retail unit is the 256GB Steam Deck, the middle spec of the three available models right now. There are some differences with what you get across the various models, but those will be detailed below.

Here’s what comes inside the box of the 256GB Steam Deck:

  • Steam Deck console
  • Carrying case
  • 45W USB-C charger

On the 512GB model, there is an additional Steam Deck branded cleaning cloth and mesh pouch included. The carrying case is the same across all three models, but on the 512GB, it has a colored logo on the top and a lighter interior.

So there isn’t a great deal in the box, but Valve does at least include everything you need to get started. Every model gets an official carrying case thrown in, which is a nice touch. There will be more official Steam Deck accessories made available in the future, starting with a dock. But being as the Steam Deck uses USB-C for power, data, and video, you’re not going to be limited on what additional hardware you can use.

    Valve's first portable gaming PC, the Steam Deck is one of the hottest devices of 2022 with a huge library of games to play on it

But what you do get is everything you need to get started playing your favorite PC games on the go, you don’t need to source anything for yourself.

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