Valve aims to fulfill current Steam Deck orders by end of year

Valve aims to fulfill current Steam Deck orders by end of year

Back in June, Valve delivered some good news, stating that it had completed its orders that were designated for the second quarter of the year and would be moving on to fulfilling customer orders slated for delivery in Q3. Today, the news gets even better, as the company has issued a new timeline for orders, stating that it will be able to fulfill customer orders sooner than expected.

According to Valve, it will fulfill orders sooner due to supply chain issues clearing up. In addition, the company is also continually ramping up the production speed of its console. In light of this, the company has updated the Steam Deck pre-order page, allowing eager customers to see when they will get their units. Many of those that were in the “Q4 or later” category have now been bumped up to Q3, meaning they will receive their console sometime from July through September. The remaining pre-orders will be fulfilled from October through December. Thankfully, anyone currently in the reservation queue will get a Steam Deck before the end of the year.


Steam Deck Reservation page showing a Q4 delivery date

Valve has shared that those currently pre-ordering should also receive their console by year’s end, which is great news. If you’ve been curious and have yet to pre-order, now might be a perfect time. Valve does warn that once the Q4 order queue fills up, those orders will be fulfilled in 2023.

For the most part, Valve has done a wonderful job on the release of its console. The company has made parts available for repair and has also kept the console updated with new and important features. It has even managed to support the Windows community, despite initially stating that it would not offer support outside the console’s standard OS. Now the only question that remains is when the company will get around to shipping its delayed Steam Deck Docking Station.

Source: Valve

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