Verizon adds 3 cities to its 5G Home Internet with 5 others set to get UWB

Verizon adds 3 cities to its 5G Home Internet with 5 others set to get UWB

Today Verizon announced an expansion of its 5G Home Internet service to three new cities and shared the names of five more that will be lighting up with 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) later this month.

Verizon separates its 5G into two main categories: 5G Nationwide and 5G Ultra Wideband. Nationwide uses “Dynamic Spectrum Sharing” to split their existing LTE frequencies into 5G. This offers slightly better speeds than LTE.

Ultra Wideband is the crazy fast millimeter-wave 5G that produces speeds past 1Gbps on separate, much higher frequencies than LTE. You can see Verizon’s 5G coverage map at this link.


Birmingham, Alabama; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are the latest three cities to receive 5G Home Internet. Verizon is also offering 5G Business Internet in these locations, alongside Home Internet. This brings the total number of cities offering Verizon Home Internet up to 60 (57 for Business Internet). It’s worth noting that these cities have both 5G Nationwide coverage and 5G Ultra Wideband, too.

Later this month, Verizon will extend 5G Ultra Wideband signal availability to parts of Jacksonville, Florida; El Paso, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Scranton, Pennsylvania; and Tacoma, Washington. This brings the total city count for UWB to 87.

Verizon is racing to compete with T-Mobile in the Home Internet space. T-Mobile has the lead, offering Home Internet to over 30 million households across the entire country. Verizon has a speed advantage in most cases, however, offering millimeter-wave speeds in most cases. T-Mobile’s Home Internet is limited to its low and mid-band 5G frequencies at this time.

To see if you’re eligible for 5G Home Internet from Verizon, check the website here.

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