Verizon Galaxy S III Gets Earphones Connected Edit

Verizon Galaxy S III Gets Earphones Connected Edit

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III has been disappointing for those expecting unfettered development action. Although there is hope for the bootloader, it’s still discouraging to see the device fall behind its US SGS3 siblings. One piece of good news, though, is that the device is rooted. That means that there are still modifications that can be done such as editing the Earphones Connected feature.

For those who don’t know, the feature activates when headphone are plugged into the Galaxy S III, and provides a short list of headphone-compatible applications (i.e. YouTube, Music Player) in the notification drop down. XDA Forum Member xCaldazar has written up a nifty tutorial on how to modify the feature to show only the apps you want it to or to remove it completely.

There are no recovery-flashable files, which means that the mod must be done manually. This sounds difficult but it really isn’t that bad. Users will need to get SQLite Editor and, of course, be rooted. From there, users will determine which applications they want to include in the Earphones Connected list, open up the launcher.db, copy the package name, then open up the .db file for the Earphones Connected, and paste the package name. Names can also be removed if you don’t want them there. This allows full customization of the Earphones Connected feature. To turn it off entirely, use Titanium Backup—or another similar app—and freeze the contextaware service. Easy as pie.

For the full tutorial, head over to the original thread.

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