Verizon LG G3 Finally Gets CM11 Nightlies

Verizon LG G3 Finally Gets CM11 Nightlies

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If you’ve ever thought of flashing a custom ROM, CyanogenMod’s name more than likely rings a bell. This custom ROM project is one of the most popular on XDA. Its developers have created dozens of device trees and kernels used by many other developer teams. As such, CyanogenMod is often used by developers to create the first functional source built ROM for quite a few devices.

Most flagship devices already received quite functional CM nightlies some time ago. One device has had to wait a little bit was the Verizon LG G3. The Korean OEM decided to lock the bootloader for almost all variants of the LG G3, and the only variant with an unlocked bootloader was T-Mobile’s version. Thanks to XDA Recognized Developer invisiblek, the Verizon variant of the Verizon LG G3 can now enjoy some community ROM goodness.

The bootloader lock of the LG G3 was bypassed by the Bump! developers couple of weeks ago. These developers managed to find a method of signing the kernel with a specific key that allows the device to boot with a non-stock kernel. CyanogenMod used the open-source implementation of Bump made by XDA Recognized Developer cybojenix. The signing process is now done on-the-fly and doesn’t even require sending the kernel image to external websites.

Verizon LG G3 nightlies are available to download from CyanogenMod download page. You can find all the details by visiting the CyanogenMod 11 for Verizon LG G3 development thread.