Verizon LG G6 Android Oreo update is rolling out now

Verizon LG G6 Android Oreo update is rolling out now

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Android Oreo is finally rolling out for the Verizon LG G6 now. This makes it the first US carrier-based G6 to receive the update. The update to Android Oreo includes an updated version of LG’s custom skin, along with all of the new features included in Android Oreo. This includes Picture-in-Picture mode, battery improvements, and security enhancements. It’s a pretty major upgrade and comes right off of the back of a number of other LG devices getting updates too. Could it be that LG’s new software update center really is helping?

Early signs point to a yes, as while obviously updates also have to go through carriers, it seems that LG was one of the first to get their update to a US carrier. It’s unknown if LG has added any new features not included in Android Oreo by default, as Verizon hasn’t put out the patch notes yet for the update. The update comes in at 1.89GB, so make sure you’ve got enough storage free on your phone to install it as well. Simply go to Settings > System update to install it.

Is this update too little, too late? It’s obviously great that the LG G6 is finally receiving Android Oreo on a US carrier, but with Android P on the horizon it just feels way too late. It’s made worse by the fact that it’s the first carrier variant to receive the upgrade, showing that the problem is across the board. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with software updates, especially when they bring security updates. What there is a problem with is that phones have had this update for the last 8 months. The OnePlus 3, a nearly two-year-old device, received the upgrade to Android Oreo about 8 months before any US carrier-locked device. Still, it’s great to see progress, and hopefully it’s a sign that other devices will receive the update soon too.

Source: Droid-Life