Verizon LG G7 gets AR Stickers and manual AI CAM filters

Verizon LG G7 gets AR Stickers and manual AI CAM filters

LG has been struggling for the last few years to even make a single dollar of profit from their mobile division. They have been trying to experiment with new features, styles, and even names that will bring them more attention. The “ThinQ” name with the LG G7 ThinQ was quite confusing and a recent rumor suggests the upcoming LG V40 may have as many as 5 different cameras on the device. LG has always put a lot of effort into the quality of their high-end smartphone cameras. The latest OTA update from Verizon for the LG G7 adds Google’s AR Stickers, an AI Cam Auto button and more.


Now, the new OTA update from Verizon Wireless for the LG G7 ThinQ isn’t solely focused on the camera. Owners of the device may be happy to hear there has been a font size change to the Home Screen. This results in the names that are positioned under the application icons are slightly larger in an attempt to make them easier to read. Music lovers with the LG G7 ThinQ will finally have access to a custom setting in the equalizer feature of LG UX. Once selected, you can adjust the specific frequency bands to make the audio sound exactly as you want.

Both the Weather and Calendar applications received some small changes with this update. The Weather application will now reflect the time format that was saved in the phone’s system setting. As for the Calendar application, you can now sync a new event to an existing photo, file, or attachment. This can be quite handy if you are out meeting a friend or a co-worker and you need to make sure you showed them a photo you took at a concert or a copy of the TPS report.

The final two updates to the LG G7 ThinQ involve the camera, with the first coming in the form of an update to Google Lens. The camera now supports the fun AR Stickers feature just like it was promised last month. You can find the AR Stickers by opening up “MODE” in the camera app. The update also includes more options for the AI CAM. If the AI CAM doesn’t automatically detect one of the 19 preset scenes, a few recommended filters and shooting modes will pop up so you can manually select one.

The update is rolling out now on Verizon. You can check for it by going to Settings > System update.

Source: Verizon Wirless Via: Droid-Life

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