Verizon Pixel/Pixel XL Bootloader Unlock has been Released

Verizon Pixel/Pixel XL Bootloader Unlock has been Released

When Google revealed they had struck a carrier exclusivity deal with Verizon for sales of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL within the United States, many of us feared the worst. Given Verizon’s history of preventing bootloader unlocking, enthusiasts feared that even the standard bearer for Android, Google’s first truly in-house flagship smartphone, would be subject to Verizon’s draconian security measures. And indeed, that did appear to be the case. But cracking the Verizon Pixel/Pixel XL’s bootloader seemed to be a matter of when, not if, and just the other day XDA Senior Recognized Developers beaups and jcase announced that they had figured out a way to unlock the bootloader. Furthermore, the two SunShine developers disclosed to XDA that their unlock method would be released for free which is something the two developers were under no obligation to do, but decided to do so for the benefit of the community.


Keeping their promise, the SunShine developers have just released dePixel8, a tool to unlock the Google Pixel and Pixel XL sold on Verizon Wireless in the U.S. or EE in the U.K.


According to the website, the tool works by forcefully enabling bootloader unlocking on the Pixel/Pixel XL by running the dePixel8 program on the target device. The tool does not actually unlock the bootloader, but that step can be easily done by issuing the usual fastboot oem unlocking command followed by fastboot oem unlock. You’ll of course need to have the ADB and Fastboot binaries installed (we recommend Minimal ADB & Fastboot from our forums) and the appropriate drivers to allow your PC to recognize the device.

Because the tool is free to use, the SunShine developers will not provide any support for the product should anything go wrong. Though the tool is likely safe, you should accept any potential risk involved with using an unofficially supported bootloader unlocking method, so please do not go blaming the developers if something happens! If you appreciate the work that they’ve done (and you should), then all the developers ask of you is that you send donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We at XDA-Developers always appreciate the wonderful work done by developers, most of whom take precious time out of their lives to provide us the fruit of their labor for free. With the release of dePixel8, owners of the Verizon/EE Pixel and Pixel XL will soon be able to join their Play Store-bought brethren in flashing ALL the custom ROMs and kernels they desire.

Download dePixel8 from the SunShine website

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