Verizon customers are receiving spam texts from their own number

Verizon customers are receiving spam texts from their own number

SMS isn’t the most robust technology around, and it has often been used to send scam and spam messages while obscuring the original sender. However, Verizon customers have been dealing with an especially ridiculous form of text spam: messages that appear to come from their own phone number.

There have been many reports from Verizon subscribers about spam texts from their own phone number, many of which are disguised as confirmation messages for bill payment with a shortened link. The problem also seems to be affecting Verizon’s MVNO (or “digital carrier,” as the company insists on calling it), Visible. However, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for other MVNOs using Verizon’s network, such as Xfinity Mobile or Spectrum Mobile.


The Verge noted that the links sent to its writers redirected to the website for Channel One Russia, a state TV network. Links in spam texts are fairly common, but the sender usually appears as a number other than the recipient’s, which makes the new trend more unusual.

At the very least, Verizon appears to be working on a fix. The company said in a support tweet, “We understand how scary this can be getting messages from your own number. We are currently working on getting this corrected as quickly as possible.”

Verizon’s main focus over the past few months has been enabling C-Band 5G across the United States, to compete with T-Mobile’s mid-band 5G in performance and range. However, the C-Band rollout hasn’t been problem-free, either — confusion over interference with altimeters in planes caused a temporary disruption to global air travel.

Source: The Verge, Verizon

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