Version 10 of Magisk Adds a new way to Mount System Mirrors

Version 10 of Magisk Adds a new way to Mount System Mirrors

We’ve talked about Magisk here at XDA multiple times in the past, and it’s been great to watch the development of this modification since it was first introduced. The goal of Magisk is to overcome the limitations of systemless mods for the Android platform. By creating a universal systemless interface, this enables developers and users to apply software mods in a way that doesn’t interfere with the system partition.

Version 9 of Magisk was released just last month, and it came with a number of new changes such as removing the interface for post-fs modules and preparing itself for MultiROM support. Though MultiROM support is still a work in progress, you can watch a proof of concept video for how that feature may function.


Version 10 of Magisk provides a new way to mount system (vendor) mirrors, a universal way of dealing with the /vendor partition, and the ability to add any file to any partition. Magic Mount will now use symlinks to mirror directories back (if possible), which reduces bind mounts for adding files. It will also check init namespace and zygote namespace in an attempt to prevent Magic Mount from breaking. Magisk Hide will now send SIGSTOP to pause a target process immediately so that it will cause a crash if the unmounting was too late. And hiding should also work under any conditions now, even when adding libs and /system root.

Yesterday, we saw a quick update to version 10.2 that adds a few new changes to Magisk as well. The change log mentions removing apps/priv-app from the whitelist as a fix for crashes, and it also comes with a fix for the phh binary being out-of-date. Finally, it fixes a bug that caused root access to disappear when upgrading within Magisk Manager.

You can find the full change log for these two updates listed below:


  • [Magic Mount] Remove apps/priv-app from whitelist, should fix all crashes
  • [phh] Fix binary out-of-date issue
  • [scripts] Fix root disappear issue when upgrading within Magisk Manager


  • [Magic Mount] Use a new way to mount system (vendor) mirrors
  • [Magic Mount] Use universal way to deal with /vendor, handle both separate partition or not
  • [Magic Mount] Adding anything to any place is now officially supported (including /system root and /vendor root)
  • [Magic Mount] Use symlinks for mirroring back if possible, reduce bind mounts for adding files
  • [Magisk Hide] Check init namespace, zygote namespace to prevent Magic Mount breakage (a.k.a root loss)
  • [Magisk Hide] Send SIGSTOP to pause target process ASAP to prevent crashing if unmounting too late
  • [Magisk Hide] Hiding should work under any conditions, including adding libs and /system root etc.
  • [phh] Root the device if no proper root detected
  • [phh] Move /sbin to /sbin_orig and link back, fix Samsung no-suid issue
  • [scripts] Improve SuperSU integration, now uses sukernel to patch ramdisk, support SuperSU built in ramdisk restore
  • [template] Add PROPFILE option to load system.prop

Source: XDA Forum

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