VidWall Sets HD Videos as Smooth Wallpapers

VidWall Sets HD Videos as Smooth Wallpapers

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Android gives us plenty of ways to customize our devices, which many of us have turned into a hobby by constantly trying to find the best custom ROMs, themes, third-party launchers, icon packs and wallpapers. The last is the easiest to modify, but still provides one of the biggest changes.

Live wallpapers take it a notch further by allowing you to have animated (and sometimes interactive) wallpapers. XDA Senior Member Flyview decided to leverage this Android feature and make VidWall, an application that offers a set of high quality videos for you to use as live wallpapers. It sets itself apart from the competition by offering full HD and more lengthy videos instead of only short loops. The clips do not loop perfectly, though, but the cutoff is good enough to be both convincing and pleasant.


Despite this, the playback was still very smooth even on a three years old flagship (Samsung Galaxy S4). The available selection is still somewhat limited at the moment with six videos you can choose from for free, but it’s still growing and more videos will be added in the future.

It’s also worth mentioning that both portrait and landscape orientations are supported: except for the Christmas wallpaper, whichever video you pick will fill your screen regardless of the orientation. Battery usage is also minimal, and you’re unlikely to notice decreased battery life while operating your device normally.

Last but not least, VidWall is free and without ads. If you’d like to support the developer, one additional paid wallpaper is also available for purchase. Simply head over to the VidWall forum thread if you’re interested in trying it out, and let the developer know about any suggestions or comments you might have!

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