Why The Honor View 10 is One of the Best Gaming Phones

Why The Honor View 10 is One of the Best Gaming Phones

With the Honor View 10, Honor put in the extra effort to make sure that this phone would offer the best gaming experience that can be had on Android.

The Kirin 970 is one of the best chipsets on the market right now. When it comes to performance, it’s right up there other flagship CPUs. With 6GB of RAM, your games launch super quick with little-to-no load times.

The game suite is where you’ll find toggles for game enhancement features. When you add games to the game suite, these toggles will be applied to that game when you’re playing it.

Toggle Gaming Mode, Uninterrupted Gaming, or Lock Navigation Keys in the game suite


Gaming mode improves your gaming experience by dedicating more processing power to your game

Uninterrupted gaming mode will pause all of your on-screen notifications while you’re in-game

Locking your nav buttons prevent annoying accidental touches while you’re in the middle of your game

Games played on the 18:9 display offer gamers an advantage due to the extra screen space. With a wider display, your thumbs take up less space on the screen, blocking less of your game.

Modern Combat Versus on the Honor View 10

Modern Combat Versus on the Honor View 10

The speaker on the View 10 puts out some of the best sound you’ll hear from a single speaker system. There’s also a rigorous temperature control system that keeps this phone cool even after playing for hours.You’ll never lose your connection when playing online, because the smooth network connection system makes switching between WiFi and cellular data seamless.  The 3750mAh battery means you’ll be playing for 5.5 hours or more before your battery runs out.

Overall the Honor View 10 offers one of the best experience for Android gamers. Find out how Honor is bringing e-sport to Android with their international gaming competition by checking out the article below.

Compete in Modern Combat Versus in Honor’s International Series, Win Money and Honor Phones

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