View and Control Your Google Play Playlist in Your Notifications With Xposed

View and Control Your Google Play Playlist in Your Notifications With Xposed

Some Modules Make A Small But Significant Change To The Way We Use Our Devices, This Is One Of Them

On August 28, Miroslav Vitula uploaded a concept for an excellent idea in Google Play Music, the ability to access songs from the playlist direct from the notification shade. An idea so good that days later Max Rumpf, forum member Maxr1998 integrated the idea into his Xposed module XGPM.

“We all know that feel when a track that doesn’t fit our moods drops in, or when the music queue doesn’t have any good tunes in it. This quick concept of mine shows what I’ve been craving for a long time, managing the music queue right from the notification bar”


The playlist is discrete when not in use, being accessed via a small button in the top right of the notification. Due to constraints with scrolling whilst in the notification shade you can only see 7 tracks at a time, although hopefully in the future scrolling left and right in the panel may allow you to see more tracks. If you use Google Play Music this module is invaluable, other features include:



  • Show “My Library” as the default screen
  • Show three columns in album grids (See below left)
  • Hide: shop, help, feedback and subscription buttons (see below center)
  • Add an Equalizer shortcut (see below right)
  • Make album art fully visible (see below right)
  • Remove drop shadows over cover
  • Tint icons with color extracted from cover art (see below right)


This is an exceptional module and really adds a feature that arguably should be in Google Play Music as standard. We will certainly be following the progress of this as it progresses. To try it yourself, check out the links below!

The module’s forum thread can be found here,
To download, head to the Xposed Repository,
and to view more brilliant Android concept work check out Miroslav’s G+.

Is this something Google should have included as standard? Leave a comment below!

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