View Expanded Notifications by Default with Xposed

View Expanded Notifications by Default with Xposed

One very practical feature introduced alongside Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is support for expandable status bar notifications. This allows for more information to be displayed by expanding the relevant notification. So if you want to check a recent email, preview a screenshot, or change the song you’re listening to, you can do so by simply expanding the notification.

But despite this great convenience, there are also small annoyances that aren’t necessarily deal-breakers, but can get on people’s nerves. One of them is the inability to have all notifications expanded by default, as Google did not provide the choice to do so. On the contrary, only the first notification is expanded, and more often than not, it’s not the notification that you want to view.

Thankfully, XDA Forum Member UgglyNoodle developed a handy Xposed module that remedies this little issue. Once installed and activated, the module will allow for all expandable notifications to be shown in expanded mode by default when you slide down the status bar. It should be emphasised that the module does not expand notifications that cannot be expanded normally. The module does not come with a ‘settings’ interface, but rather hums away in the background as soon as you activate it and reboot your device.

If you’ve found yourself a little annoyed at this issue, you may want to check out the original thread for more information and download.

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