View Your Notifications on Your Car Radio with Botifier

View Your Notifications on Your Car Radio with Botifier

Have you ever received a notification while driving, only to wish you had a way of easily (and safely) viewing its contents? Since many of us own Bluetooth-enabled car radios that support AVRCP 1.3, they can receive quite a bit of information from your mobile device.

Now thanks to some clever thinking by XDA Forum Member grimpy, you can use this interface to send your notifications to your car stereo or any other AVRCP 1.3 device. The application name shows up as “artist,” and a notification summary shows up as “album.” You can also show the full notification text as the track title, and this can be split across multiple “songs” with a user-specified maximum length. What about additional notifications? You can view them too. You can use the previous and next track buttons to cycle through notifications and the play/pause button to dismiss a notification.

Best of all, the application is fully open source. Head over to the application thread to get started. And if you’re thinking of forking, head over to grimpy’s Github.

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