Viper4ARISE team halts development on audio mod project

Viper4ARISE team halts development on audio mod project

No matter what smartphone or tablet you own, there can always be some tweaks and modifications done at the system level that will improve the audio quality for your personal preference. For many, Viper4Android was their go-to audio enhancement solution and it actually still is for some. As new updates to Android roll out though, these projects need to be maintained or they simply stop working. Viper4ARISE was essentially the successor to Viper4Android and again, while it still works for certain devices running certain versions of Android, the team behind the project has confirmed they’ve halted development.


Audio quality levels can be related to the effort that smartphone OEMs put into the optimization of their camera modules. Some smartphones may still be using the same sensor that Google chose for devices like the Google Pixel and Pixel 2, but Google’s optimizations allow them to blow the competition away. The same can be said with a lot of the speakers and audio optimizations that OEMs are making to their smartphones these days. Some are good, some are decent, and some are just plain awful, but a lot of them are using the same hardware as the others.

This is where projects like Viper4Android came into play as it allowed the user to enhance the audio quality of their smartphones and tablets as long as they had root access and/or a custom ROM that implemented it. Sadly, the project was abandoned by its original creator years ago but other people have picked it up over the years to help make it compatible with newer versions of Android and certain OEM ROMs. The A.R.I.S.E Sound Systems mod (aka Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement) which was commonly referred to as Viper4ARISE is one such team who had picked up the slack and ran with it.

A lot of community developers don’t get paid for their work and over time it simply gets in the way of their real life. Throughout the summer multiple people questioned if the project had been abandoned due to the fact that it had been months since new updates were released.

Sadly, we have confirmation from Roi Horowitz that the ARISE project has officially been shut down. You can read the full statement down below, but it all boils down to real life getting in the way of being able to work on the project. The statement continues and there could be a slight chance things get opened back up, in which case you’ll find the new information in their official channel and in the official XDA thread.


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Check out the official thread in our Android Software forum

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