Virus found on Windows Mobile Software

Virus found on Windows Mobile Software

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Even though we normally like to post news about good things happening around the site, we like to keep our members safe as well. A little less than 1 month ago, xda-member smudgelab reported that his device had been waking up by itself, trying to dial out an International number. After that, many people started reporting similar behavior by their Leo devices. After some investigative work by many of our members, an app that can be downloaded from the market was found to be the culprit. The app is a game called “3D Anti-Terrorist” and it seems to install some sort of malware in the device that acts like a dialer trojan for PC. Do not install this app in your devices!!!

Really wierd one this. Last night, I was woken by a repetitive voice telling me that “International dialling is not currently permitted from this device”. As this was at aprox’ 02.40 on Suday AM, it fair shook me out of a deep sleep! On checking the phone I found the following call history:

  • +88213213214 @ 02:44
  • +88213213214 @ 02:36
  • +1(767)503-3611 @ 02 36
  • +1(767)503-3611 @ 02:36
  • +1(767)503-3611 @ 02:36
  • +8823460777 @ 02:35

I have absolutely no idea who or what these numbers are for (Google suggests +882 may be something to do with satellite phones(!?) & +1767 appears to be a Dominican country code(!!??) but it was very unnerving to see my phone has been trying to ring these without any input from me. I’ll be onto Virgin mobile later to see if they can help but thought I’d try the collective wisdom of you guys first. Virus / dialler maybe? Do these even exist for win mo phones? Any help wil be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Thanks emcn84 for the screenshot.

You can read the progress of this as well as possible fixes in the original thread