Verizon-owned Visible reportedly cancelling accounts without stating a reason

Verizon-owned Visible reportedly cancelling accounts without stating a reason

Visible is a “digital” carrier owned by Verizon, with a greater emphasis on fair pricing and shared plans. The carrier offers some of the best pricing on plans with unlimited data and tethering, but there have been a few rough patches recently. There was a suspected data breach in October, which the company denies (it could have been the result of user account credential stuffing), and now some Visible customers are taking to social media to complain about sudden account cancellations.

There are multiple reports on Twitter, Reddit, and other sites about new Visible customers having their accounts cancelled shortly after signing up. One person on Reddit said they transferred numbers from Mint Mobile (another mobile carrier) to Visible “about a few weeks ago,” then was suddenly left with no phone service on Monday and a cancellation email. Another person said their service was cancelled shortly after opening an account with a number ported from T-Mobile. Visible customer support reportedly told one person that “some accounts have been suddenly terminated, it looks like to be a technical error,” before cancelling that person’s account.


Most of the affected customers mentioned they used Visible’s “2for22” promotion, which allowed new customers to sign up for unlimited data for $25/month after two months. The carrier also sent a $200 digital gift card to anyone who signed up on February 2, and after that point (until February 24), Visible provided a $100 “Choose Your Own Gift Card.” The gift card offer also required the subscriber to make service payments for at least three months.

It’s not immediately clear why Visible has been cancelling accounts, but at least one of the affected customers mentioned they already had a few active lines on Visible and tried to use the “2for22” promotion. The page for the promotion says “new members can take advantage of this deal,” possibly implying existing customers can’t use it, but there’s no explicit statement regarding existing subscribers.

We’ve reached out to Visible for more information, and we will update this article when we hear back.

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