Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 is now available with new icons and features

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 is now available with new icons and features

About a month ago, Microsoft released the first preview of Visual Studio 2022. This is the first version of the IDE to be built exclusively for 64-bit PCs, so the first release was focused on finding and fixing issues with the transition. There wasn’t a whole lot that was new. Today, though, we’re getting Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2, and it brings a lot more new features.

For starters, this new preview is actually localized, so if you speak any language other than English, you can use Visual Studio 2022 now. Preview 2 also brings the refreshed icons and the new Cascadia Code font Microsoft had promised earlier this year. The new icons are meant to be easier to understand, making Visual Studio more accessible.


Microsoft has also added some new productivity improvements in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2, starting with new Live Previews for XAML and web apps. Live Previews let users make changes in the IDE and see them in real-time in the app they’re building. Changes can be made both using the code editor and directly from the preview. Microsoft has also added a new option called Force Run, which lets developers runs an application up until a specific point, regardless of any other breakpoints in the code.

Web Live Preview in Visual Studio 2022

Another big new feature in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 is support for Hot Reload in C++ apps. Hot Reload lets developers make changes to an app’s code while it’s running, and apply them without closing the app. While it depends on the changes you make, you may even be able to apply them without pausing the app at all.

There’s a lot more that’s new if you want to dive into the more technical details. The full changelog is available below:

Full changelog for Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2


  • You can now build and debug natively on WSL2 without establishing a SSH connection. Both cross-platform CMake projects and MSBuild-based Linux projects are supported.
  • The v143 build tools are now available through the Visual Studio installer as well as the standalone build tools.
  • Visual Studio now supports the buildPresets.targets option in CMakePresets.json. This allows you to build a subset of targets in your CMake project.
  • The Project menu in CMake projects has been streamlined and exposes options to “Delete Cache and Reconfigure” and “View Cache”.
  • Code analysis now enforces that return values of functions annotated with _Check_return_ or _Must_inspect_result_ must be checked.
  • LLVM tools shipped with Visual Studio have been upgraded to LLVM 12. See the LLVM release notes for details.
  • Clang-cl support was updated to LLVM 12.
  • C++ AMP headers are now deprecated. Including <amp.h> in a C++ project will generate build errors. To silence the errors, define _SILENCE_AMP_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS. Please see for more details.
  • The new Hot Reload experience is now available to native C++ applications when running under the debugger. For more information see our Hot Reload section below.

Debugging & Diagnostics

  • Attach to process dialog improvements
  • Exception helper improvements
  • Force Run to Click
  • Memory Dump Diagnostic Analysis

.NET Productivity

  • Introduce parameter refactoring can move a new parameter from the method implementation to its callers.
  • Track Value Source for data flow analysis
  • Option to underline variables that are re-assigned
  • Added search option in Generate Overrides dialog
  • Quick info for XML <code> tags now preserve whitespace and CDATA blocks
  • Find All References window will now group multi-target projects
  • Refactoring to remove repetitive types in Visual Basic
  • Go to Implementation will no longer navigate to members with abstract declarations that are also overridden.

Razor (ASP.NET Core) Editor

  • Hot Reload support in Razor files
  • Performance improvements
  • Formatting and indentation enhancements
  • New Razor editor colors
  • TagHelpers are now colorized and have quick info classification support and completion tooltips
  • Angle brace highlighting and navigation for Razor constructs
  • Comments now have auto-completion, smart indentation, auto-inclusion of commenting continuations, and block comment navigation

Hot Reload

  • Hot Reload (for both .NET and C++ code) makes it possible to make many types of code edits to your running app and apply them without needing to pause the apps execution with something like a breakpoint. In this release we continue to improve this feature, highlights include: Support for C++, .NET Hot Reload when running without debugger (CTRL-F5), support for more types of edits and more.

Trusted Locations

  • We have revamped the “Trust Settings” functionality and can now show a warning whenever untrusted code (e.g. files, projects or folders) is about to be opened inside the IDE.

XAML Live Preview

  • XAML Live Preview is now available for WPF developers as a first preview of this new experience. With Live Preview we enable the ability to capture a desktop apps UI and bring it into a docked window within Visual Studio, making it easier to use XAML Hot Reload to change the app and easily see the changes as you make them. This feature improves the XAML Hot Reload experience on a single screen device, while also making it possible to polish the apps UI with tools such as deep zooming, rulers, element selection and info tips.

Remote Testing

  • Very early experimental preview of enabling running tests on remote environments such as linux containers, WSL, and over SSH connections.

User Interface

  • The default icons have been updated and refreshed.

Azure Cloud Services

  • Azure Cloud Service (classic) and Azure Cloud Service (extended support) projects are now supported.


  • We have released a new JavaScript/TypeScript project type that builds standalone JavaScript/TypeScript projects with additional tooling. You will be able to create Angular and React projects in Visual Studio using the framework version installed on your computer.
  • JavaScript and TypeScript testing is now available in the Visual Studio Test Explorer

Issues Addressed in this Release

  • Fixed an issue where a website failed to load when running ReactRedux with IIS Express.
  • Fixed an issue causing error message: “Uncaught ReferenceError: notifyHotReloadApplied is not defined”.
  • Fixed a failure to connect to the server for 6.0 signalR projects when using Ctrl+F5.
  • Corrected an issue where the include search order may be incorrect when prepended to “Include Directories”.
  • Fixed Database Project: Dragging a file from solution explorer into an opened one is deleting the file from the file system!

Top Voted Issues From Developer Community

If you want to try Visual Studio 2022 for yourself, you can now download Preview 2 from here. You can use it side-by-side with Visual Studio 2019 if you don’t want to commit to potentially unstable software.

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