Vivaldi’s latest update includes Accordian Tabs and Command Chains

Vivaldi’s latest update includes Accordian Tabs and Command Chains

Today, Vivaldi is releasing version 4.1 of its browser. The two key new features are Accordian Tabs and Command Chains.

Tab Stacks aren’t a new feature in Vivaldi 4.1. You can already use them in two different styles: Compact and Two-level, the latter of which is the default. You can create a Tab Stack just by dragging a tab on top of another, and then if you click on the group, the browser creates a second row of tabs for the ones in your Stack. With Compact, it just shows bars on top of the tab that let you cycle between them.

Tab Stack options in Vivaldi

With Accordian Tabs, your Tab Stack will expand when you click on it. When you click on an outside tab, the group will collapse. You can also manually collapse it by clicking the little arrow next to the group. You can also keep it open after switching away from it by double-clicking on it.


You can change your Tab Stack settings by going to Settings -> Tabs.

Next up are Command Chains. The idea is pretty self-explanatory. You can set up a sequence of browser commands. For example, you can turn on Fullscreen and Reader modes at the same time to create an immersive experience.

Screen for setting up command chains

You can create a new Command Chain by clicking the plus icon, and there are over 200 commands to work with. Then, you can either access it via Quick Commands (or by pressing F2), or you can create your own keyboard shortcut for it. They’re also available in the customizable menus, and Vivaldi says that the possibilities are “literally endless”.

There are a few smaller updates, such as a minute-counter in Reader View that will tell you how long it will take to read content. Also, Vivaldi 4.1 adds seamless updates on Windows, so the browser will just update in the background. Here’s the full changelog for Vivaldi 4.1:

Changelog from 4.0 to 4.1

  • [New][Tabs] Accordion style stacks (VB-41386)
  • [New] User definable Command Chains (VB-41414)
  • [New][Windows][Autoupdate] Enable silent updates for single user and standalone installs (VB-76202)
  • [Address bar] Field drop down no longer drops down (VB-81079)
  • [Address bar] URL bar keeps restoring its original content when you’re typing (VB-80330)
  • [Address bar] URL doesn’t update if URL is clicked from dropdown field (VB-81214)
  • [Address bar][Linux] Using the middle click to close vivaldi://startpage/ tab pastes clipboard content (VB-79118)
  • [Autoupdate] Notification message shows in popup windows (VB-80835)
  • [Autoupdate] Show reason for update errors (VB-81359)
  • [Autoupdate] Show the next Vivaldi version in the popup (VB-80034)
  • [Autoupdate] vivaldi://about/ should show pending update (VB-80211)
  • [Bookmarks] Description box limited to two lines (VB-81164)
  • [Bookmarks] Middle click on a bookmark in the bookmark bar doesn’t open it in a new tab (VB-80848)
  • [Bookmarks] dialog is displayed above pop-up window when address bar is at the bottom (VB-56828)
  • [Bookmarks][Keyboard] Folder can not be cut and pasted (VB-79848)
  • [Capture] Rewrite UI: code cleanup only, it should work the same (VB-59680)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 92.0.4515.126
  • [Crash] After restoring a tab where a page action was applied (VB-81178)
  • [Crash] Popup windows in Guest window hangs the browser (VB-80428)
  • [Developer Tools][Keyboard] When opened via shortcut in popup it executes in main window instead of popup (VB-81142)
  • [Downloads] File name gets encoded in UTF-8 (VB-54162)
  • [Downloads] “Resume Download” icon should be Play ▶️ not Pause ⏸️ (VB-78229)
  • [History] Deleted items are not removed from list (VB-81048)
  • [Keyboard] Setting Alt+F4 or Shift+Alt+F4 as a hotkey works but it still acts as exit (VB-60364)
  • [Keyboard] Shortcuts executed in popup execute in main window instead (VB-80715)
  • [Keyboard] “Apple Events” keyboard shortcut should only be visible on macOS (VB-81514)
  • [Media][Windows] Video does not play on (VB-72037)
  • [Menus] Alt-menu does not work in full-screen mode (VB-81467)
  • [Menus] Emojis get underlined (VB-80397)
  • [Menus][History] Empty context menu (VB-78013)
  • [Menus][Settings][Keyboard] Some shortcuts are not shown (VB-81446)
  • [Notes] Opening attachments makes the browser behave buggy (VB-80338)
  • [Notes][Menus][Panels] Items in the panel do not get greyed out when cut via context menu (VB-80367)
  • [Panels] Floating Panel does not close when moving mouse outside or clicking (VB-80574)
  • [Panels][Bookmarks] Thumbnail position is fixed and does not move as the panel is expanded (VB-81253)
  • [Panels][Notes] Adding attachment in floating panels broken (VB-80786)
  • [Panels][Notes] Remove attachment looks wrong (VB-80744)
  • [Popout Video] Picture-in-picture back to tab button does not work as intended (VB-65734)
  • [Quick Commands] ESC closes instead of clearing input (VB-80084)
  • [Quick Commands][Keyboard][Windows][Linux]] Add Ctrl+E as additional default (VB-80836)
  • [Reader] Display expected Read Time (VB-81069)
  • [Reader] Doesn’t display the correct reading time (VB-81639)
  • [Reader] Update external library (VB-81130)
  • [Reader][Start page] View button unnecessarily available (VB-78671)
  • [Reader][Themes] Style button invisible in certain themes (VB-81136)
  • [Settings] Quick Commands always appear in setting search (VB-80210)
  • [Settings] Search can break (VB-76005)
  • [Settings] Unticking ‘Allow Drag and Drop Reordering’ also hides thumbnail control buttons (VB-75041)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Stopped working on pages with iframes (VB-81316)
  • [Start page] Video conferences appearing as background when a new tab is open (VB-81002)
  • [Sync] Disabled notification opens in the main window not pop up dialog (VB-81040)
  • [Tabs] Cancelling tab dragging makes tab activate title bar dragging (VB-80787)
  • [Tabs] Links opened from a tab stack are opened next to the tab stack instead of the end of the tab bar (VB-80359)
  • [Tabs] Moving tabs in guest windows is impossible (VB-79215)
  • [Tabs] Pinned tabs take up too much space on move (VB-80681)
  • [Tabs] Significantly less room for Speed Dial tabs (VB-79317)
  • [Tabs] Slow when dragging tabs (VB-80372)
  • [Tabs] Stacked tab can move the whole tab stack to right or left instead of just the tab itself (VB-81249)
  • [Tabs] Tab bar breaks after trying to close tab utilizing window.onbeforeunload (VB-81542)
  • [Tabs] Tab doesn’t get removed from stack when multiple tabs are selected (VB-79135)
  • [Tabs] Unread tabs marked as Read in Tab Stacks (VB-12966)
  • [Tabs] Vertical tabs scroll up when I switch to fullscreen and back to normal (VB-33963)
  • [Tabs] When tiled tab is closed after tiling width has been changed, corresponding tiled area becomes grey (VB-75322)
  • [Tabs][Menus] Change “Ungroup Tab Stack” to “Unstack Tabs (x Tabs)” (VB-78650)
  • [Tabs][Performance] Creating new tabs takes too long: minor improvement (VB-81059)
  • [Themes] Themes in Private Windows render incorrectly (VB-80351)
  • [Translate] Certain combinations of bold and proceeding text is not translated (VB-79675)
  • [Translate] Hebrew not detected correctly (VB-80413)
  • [UI] The Default browser Call-to-action may cover a dialog (VB-80697)
  • [User Agent] Add Mojeek to list of search engines that get the real User Agent (VB-65894)
  • [Windows][Update] Use scheduler for system installs (VB-80999)
  • [Windows][Linux] Password import from Chrome/Chromium is not possible (VB-78286)

Mail, Calendar & Feed Reader Beta.

  • [Calendar Beta] Calendar selector clipped in event dialog (VB-80869)
  • [Calendar Beta] Creating timed task fails for non UTC timezones (VB-81146)
  • [Calendar Beta] Event without duration marked as All Day (VB-81037)
  • [Calendar Beta] Google Tasks should sync due with correct with date and time (VB-81072)
  • [Calendar Beta] Incorrect time in tooltip for tasks (VB-81157)
  • [Calendar Beta] Incorrect week number shown (VB-80977)
  • [Calendar Beta] Keyboard navigation bugs in agenda view (VB-80412)
  • [Calendar Beta] Newline in event title when creating event using keyboard (VB-81250)
  • [Calendar Beta] Newly created all day task is one day late (VB-81207)
  • [Calendar Beta][Menus] Copy link URL from Edit pane with context menu fails (VB-77377)
  • [Feeds Beta] Adding feeds from two sources with the same title displays them in a single feed (VB-80876)
  • [Mail Beta] Error in console “Listener already exists: vivaldi.rss.settings” when setting up mail account (VB-80209)
  • [Mail Beta] Errors in console during onboarding (VB-80162)
  • [Mail Beta] IMAP connections stop working (VB-81623)
  • [Mail Beta] Import from M2 fails if contacts.adr is not found (VB-81320)
  • [Mail Beta] Message action icons in the top right corner overlap search field in scaled window (VB-70096)
  • [Mail Beta] Message body does not display when new mail notification is clicked (VB-81226)
  • [Mail Beta] New contacts in received mails (from/to/cc) make contact filters that are set to HIGH priority (VB-81211)
  • [Mail Beta] Prefetching does not resume after reconnect (VB-81533)
  • [Mail Beta] Translation missing in mail client (VB-19931)
  • [Mail Beta][Calendar Beta] Onboarding not closed on click outside (VB-80174)
  • [Mail Beta][Keyboard] Rename mailing list with F2 broken (VB-80270)
  • [Mail Beta][Settings] Should offer to turn on logging for SMTP as well as IMAP (VB-81421)
  • [Mail Beta][Themes] Changing breaks video playback (VB-76563)

Vivaldi 4.1 arrives just a few weeks after the major 4.0 update. That came with Vivaldi Translate, along with betas of Vivaldi Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader. As you can see, the company is big on delivering new features right now.

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