Vivaldi Browser’s second Android beta brings swipe to close tabs, better start page customization, and more

Vivaldi Browser’s second Android beta brings swipe to close tabs, better start page customization, and more

The Vivaldi browser launched on Android back in September with features such as built-in notes, sync, a simplified read view, and much more. It’s perhaps not as well-known as Chrome or Firefox, but it packs a ton of handy features. The second beta release of the Android app brings even more features, including swipe to close tabs and an improved start page.

Swipe to close tabs works exactly as it sounds. Once enabled, you can swipe left or right on a tab on the Tab Switcher page to close it. The Start Page, which is where you can see favorite sites and bookmarks, has been upgraded. You can now drag and drop to rearrange “Speed Dial” bookmarks, long-press to edit Speed Dials, or add more Speed Dials.


Tired of constantly switching to Desktop versions of websites? You can now permanently enable Desktop mode with a toggle in the Settings. Some of the other additions include a home screen Search widget, an “Empty Trash” button to delete all “deleted” bookmarks and notes, scroll bars on internal pages, and Chromebook support. Check out the full changelog below.

Changelog from Beta 1 to Beta 2


  • [New][Start Page] Add popup menu to add a folder or speed dial for Speed dial plus button (VB-57631)
  • [New][Start Page] Drag Speed Dials around to change order (VB-57995)
  • [New][Start Page] Make it possible to edit and delete speed dials (VB-57597)
  • [New][Bookmarks][Notes] Make it possible to delete all items from trash (VB-56624)
  • [New][Settings] Add an option ‘Always Show Desktop Site’ in Settings (VB-59366)
  • [New][Settings] Add scroll indicators to Speed Dial and Tab switcher (VB-55260)
  • [New][Settings] Swipe to close tabs (VB-57094)
  • [New] Vivaldi does not work on Chromebooks (VB-59995)


  • [Accessibility] Tab view menu cannot be chosen by finger-sliding (VB-58585)


  • [Bookmarks] Adding a new speed dial in a sub-folder is not immediately visible (VB-57622)
  • [Bookmarks] Deleted bookmark from edit dialog does not move to trash (VB-58356)
  • [Bookmarks] Hide separators in bookmarks (VB-59218)
  • [Bookmarks] Speed dial edit folder issue (VB-60429)
  • [Bookmarks] Taping back should save bookmarks (VB-60619)


  • [Crash] Crash on the low-end device (Nokia 1) (VB-55424)
  • [Crash] Vivaldi crashes in going to Android 10 settings (VB-60007)


  • [Downloads]”Download site” button is missing (VB-60256)
  • [Downloads] Files go to wrong Download folder on Android 10 (VB-58227)


  • [Menus] Changed order of copy to note the item in the context menu (VB-58484)


  • [Notes] Cannot edit notes folder name (VB-60006)
  • [Notes] It is too easy to accidentally not save a new note (VB-60099)
  • [Notes] Hide separators entries synced from desktop (VB-59216)


  • [Settings] Add summary for “Show Scrollbars” preference (VB-58910)
  • [Settings] Disable enabling Developer options (VB-59279)
  • [Settings] Not every dialog follows the night mode (VB-58889)
  • [Settings] Toggle buttons are blue (should be green) (VB-58947)

Start Page 

  • [Start Page] Long tap on Speed Dial doesn’t work well (VB-58596)


  • [Sync] Disable notes or bookmarks in sync settings make the sync(cloud) tab empty (VB-58888)
  • [Sync] Empty sync tab (VB-60165)


  • [Tablet] Incognito icon does not show when making a new private tab (VB-56399)
  • [Tablet] Speed Dials listed in one column (VB-57212)

Tab Switcher

  • [Tab Switcher] When a private tab is open from the menu, the wrong view is shown (VB-57775)

User Interface

  • [UI] Scrollbar position on the Start page is a bit off (VB-59363)
  • [UI] Unify icons stroke width and remove text buttons (VB-58638)
  • [UI] Vivaldi icon for offline page (VB-60371)


  • Lag after closing the last tab (VB-58140)
  • Sometimes, the cogs in download panel display new bookmark dialog (VB-57649)
  • Swipe causes selections to be lost (VB-58957)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.61
  • Updated translations

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