Vivaldi browser adds speed improvements and support for Macs with Apple Silicon

Vivaldi browser adds speed improvements and support for Macs with Apple Silicon

Privacy-focused web browser Vivaldi has been updated this week with a great enhancement for M1 Mac users. The popular Chromium-based browser is now fully compatible with the Apple Silicon platform, which means that the application now runs natively on ARM Macs powered with the M1 chip.

Version 3.7 of Vivaldi is the first stable release with support for Apple Silicon Macs. As a result, users no longer need to install the Rosetta translation environment in order to run Vivaldi on their M1 Macs (or the future Macs with the next iteration of Apple Silicon).

Apps that run natively on the Apple M1 platform usually offer improved performance and better battery life because they no longer have to run through emulation. Echoing this, the browser maker said in its post announcing the update:


Browsing with Vivaldi is 2x faster when tested internally on a Mac machine using M1 processors, upping the overall performance.

In addition to adding support for Apple’s new silicon, Vivaldi’s latest update brings huge improvements to tab opening speed on every desktop operating system, periodic reload feature for Web Panels, right-click context menu customization, and several other changes.

The updated version is now available on Vivaldi’s website and can be downloaded for free. It is worth mentioning that Vivaldi 3.7 for macOS is offered as a universal binary, so it runs on both Intel and M1 Macs.

The Android variant of Vivaldi is updated as well, although the changelog is a bit different from its desktop counterparts. The first-time user experience now includes a fancy “Welcome Page” to help new users configure the basic aspects of the browser. However, the highlight of the new update is an improved Bookmark Manager that greatly simplifies accessing favorite websites thanks to easier access to the Speed Dial folder. Users can now add and edit descriptions and nicknames to websites that can be used in searches from the Address Bar.

You can download the latest update for the Vivaldi browser for Android by following the Play Store link below.

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