Vivaldi’s latest update on Android lets you change the look of web pages

Vivaldi’s latest update on Android lets you change the look of web pages

Vivaldi, a popular Chromium-based browser, is getting a fresh update on Android. The last update added the ability to clear history and site data on exit, WebRTC leak protection, and more sorting options for notes and bookmarks. Now, the Vivaldi 3.6 introduces several new features, including customizable web pages, a built-in QR scanner, support for external download managers, and more.

One of the biggest changes in Vivaldi 3.6 is the new Page Action feature that lets you easily customize the appearance of any web page. The Vivaldi browser already offers a host of customizations in the form of a movable Address bar, desktop-style tabs, and a Tab bar. With Page Action, users can now choose from a range of pre-defined filters and actions to invert text, change fonts, tweak background colors, apply Instagram-like filters, and much more to customize their reading experience.


The Vivaldi 3.6 also adds a built-in QR code scanner to let you easily scan, well, QR codes, and it can handle non-URL QR and barcodes, too. You can launch the feature from the URL bar or by long pressing on the app icon.

Vivaldi Browser QR Code scanner

The new update also adds more customization to Speed Dials. A previous update had added few new layouts to the Start Page with Large Speed Dials, Small Dials, and Speed Dial Lists. Those who prefer a happy medium between large and small sizes can now add Medium Speed Dials to the Start Page. Moreover, you can now also sort Speed Dials by title, address, nickname, or description.

Vivaldi Browser Speed Dials

Finally, the Vivaldi Browser 3.6 also brings support for external download managers, and users can now swap the default download manager for something like Chrome or Samsung Internet and benefit from multi-threaded downloading and queuing.

Vivaldi Browser External Download managers

The Vivaldi Browser v3.6 is out now on the Google Play Store. You can download it by clicking on the link below. Vivaldi is also available for Windows desktops and Chromebooks.

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