Vivaldi launches its own email client with integrated calendar and RSS reader

Vivaldi launches its own email client with integrated calendar and RSS reader

Vivaldi is best known for its cross-platform Chromium web browser. However, the company signaled last year that it would be expanding into other areas and introduced a bunch of new services to take on Google and Microsoft, including Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Calendar, and more. After spending a year in beta, Vivaldi Mail and Calendar are now officially out on the stable channel.

Vivaldi Mail 1.0 is built into the Vivaldi browser and incorporates Vivaldi Calendar and Feed Reader. The main highlight of Vivaldi Mail is that it shows all your emails from multiple accounts in a single inbox, so you don’t have to switch between accounts. It works with any email provider that supports IMAP and POP3, including Gmail. You can use your existing mail service or set up an account on


“Launching today, your new mail client Vivaldi Mail 1.0 is built right into the Vivaldi browser, allowing you to handle your emails better than ever. Packed with functionality, Vivaldi Mail integrates the built-in Vivaldi Calendar and Vivaldi Feed Reader seamlessly – giving you greater control of your data and information flow,” wrote the team behind Vivaldi in a blog post.

To try out the Mail, open the Vivaldi browser and navigate to Settings > General > Productivity features > Enable Mail, Calendar and Feeds. Or, if you’re a new user, select the “Fully Loaded” layout when setting up the browser.

Vivaldi Mail automatically detects mailing lists and mail threads and offers a powerful search feature that lets you search for any message across your accounts. In addition, it automatically places your mails into “Views.”

Each mail can be in different views, providing different paths to a mail. Instead of storing a message in a particular folder, a single message can appear in any “folders” or views.

The client offers both horizontal as well as the traditional vertical wide view. Vivaldi maintains a database of all messages, labels, filters, and searches, so everything is searchable offline. In addition, if you prefetch your mails, it also indexes all the content of the mail before you open them.

The new Mail service with Calendar and Feed Reder integration is available in the latest version of the Vivaldi browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There’s no word on when, if ever, these features will arrive on the mobile version.

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