ViVeTool GUI makes it easier to enable hidden Windows 11 features

ViVeTool GUI makes it easier to enable hidden Windows 11 features

If you’ve ever wanted to enable a hidden Windows 11 feature but you don’t enjoy using the command line-based tools, ViVeTool GUI may be a tool that interests you. As the name suggests, ViVeTool GUI offers a graphical version of ViVeTool, which is the most popular tool for enabling hidden Windows features. ViVeTool usually requires you to open Command Prompt or Windows Terminal, but with this new app, you can enable those hidden features with a much more user-friendly interface.

Here’s how it works. You can download ViVeTool GUI either in a portable format or as an installer. Once you have it, you can launch the app and you’ll be greeted with a relatively empty window. Instead of just guessing feature IDs, ViVeTool comes with a list of features that can be enabled or disabled in each build, so you can choose whatever build you have installed to see all the features you can turn on or off. Of course, if you know a specific feature ID, you can also use the Manually change a feature option to enter it and change it to whatever value you want.


When you select a Windows 10 or Windows 11 build, ViVeTool GUI groups the features into categories and sorts them alphabetically based on their name. That’s another plus of this tool – rather than just show you feature IDs, it shows you the name associated of that feature, which can give you a hint as to what you’re actually messing with. There’s also a search bar so you can try to find features that may be related to specific parts of Windows, such as the shell or the Start menu.

Because new Windows 11 builds come out almost every week, you may also want to see the feature IDs in each new build without having to wait for the feature list to be added to the app. If you click the About & Settings button, you can also scan your current build for feature IDs, as well as make it so that the latest build available always loads at startup so you don’t have to select it every time. The settings also allow you to enable the app’s dark theme, since it won’t follow your system setting by default.

Hidden Windows features can often offer a glimpse at upcoming features for the general public. Windows Windows 11 build 22572, Microsoft snuck in a tabbed File Explorer as a hidden feature, though it was removed in the next update. However, a tabbed File Explorer was officially announced on April 5th, so we know for sure it’s coming sometime soon. If you want to fiddle around and potentially find other hidden features, you can download ViVeTool GUI below.

Download ViVeTool GUI on GitHub

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