Vivo is hiring staff in Germany and Ukraine, possibly expanding into Europe

Vivo is hiring staff in Germany and Ukraine, possibly expanding into Europe

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Vivo doesn’t tend to get much attention these days, but they actually ship more smartphones around the world than well-known brands like Motorola (2-3 times as many). A big reason why they don’t seem to get much attention from mainstream outlets is due to the company’s limited reach. However, some new job listings seem to indicate that Vivo is finally looking to expand in Europe. There hasn’t been an official announcement made yet, and sometimes job listings don’t amount to anything, but they have also shown to give us a window into the company’s future.

If you remember back, we saw similar instances before Xiaomi has officially brought its devices to Europe. The company first began posting up job listings and shortly afterward the official announcement was made. Now, you can purchase select Xiaomi products in multiple countries throughout Europe. Vivo has a lot to offer the competitive smartphone market (remember, it has the same parent company as Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus: BBK Electronics) and expansion into Europe could prove to be quite successful.

Reports cite sources that claim Vivo has already posted job offers in Ukraine and has gone ahead and prepared a website for the region. Not only that, job listings published on LinkedIn point to a Vivo location in Germany that it is staffing up as well. We have more proof on these listings as a screenshot shows Vivo is looking to hire a Creative Manager, Strategy Manager, Brand Manager, and a CI, BI, VI Design Manager. All of these roles are said to be for a job located in Munich, Bavaria, and Germany.

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Whether these expansion plans pan out, or whether they end up being a success is anyone’s guess. I think it’s about time that Europe (and more people in the west) get to try out some of Vivo’s more experimental smartphones. It will also be a great way for Vivo to get better acclimated to the western consumer market as well.

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