Vivo and Realme showed impressive growth in India during Q1 2019, but Xiaomi and Samsung are still on top

Vivo and Realme showed impressive growth in India during Q1 2019, but Xiaomi and Samsung are still on top

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India’s smartphone market is currently one of the top markets in the world and it has shown growth despite the overall global slowdown in smartphone shipments. This trend is consistent across several developing nations which continue witnessing growth while developed markets see a decline. Counterpoint Research has published their latest report on the Indian market, and one of the highlights of Q1 2019 data is that Chinese smartphone brands have managed to capture a record 66% of the Indian smartphone market.

India’s overall smartphone shipments grew 4% YoY in Q1 2019, with several major brands like Xiaomi, Realme, and OnePlus focusing on expanding their offline distribution network in the country. The top 5 best-selling smartphones in this period were the Xiaomi Redmi 6A, Xiaomi Note 6 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Y2, Samsung Galaxy M20, and Samsung Galaxy A50 — while Samsung’s offerings were new launches, Xiaomi’s offerings were popular because of the price cuts and discounts offered on them.

Xiaomi managed to remain the smartphone market leader in Q1 2019 in India with a 29% share, but it faced a 2% decline in shipments. Similarly, Samsung continued to hold on to its second spot, but with a 3% decline in shipments despite refreshing its Galaxy A-series lineup. Vivo cemented its position with a 6% YoY growth, while Realme is also making its presence felt by managing to capture 7% of the shipment share in this period despite being a very young entrant into the market.

Counterpoint’s report also mentions that Indian brands have reached their lowest ever share in the market, as strong competition in the entry-level segment has made it difficult for them to continue on. On the other end of the market, Samsung surpassed OnePlus to become the top player for the quarter, thanks to the launch of the Galaxy S10 series. This situation may not remain static, as OnePlus will soon launch the OnePlus 7, which is expected to do well in the premium segment in India despite an expected rise in pricing.

Source: Counterpoint Research