How vivo’s V20 Series Changes the World of Selfies

How vivo’s V20 Series Changes the World of Selfies

vivo is known for pushing the boundaries of smartphone innovation, both in terms of form factor and user experience. It’s the company that brought users the in-display fingerprint sensor, the first pop-up camera, and other cutting-edge technologies. Now vivo wants users to expect more from selfie cameras, at every price point.

vivo recently rolled out the all-new V20 series, introducing the sleek and stylish V20 Pro, V20, and V20 SE. This line of smartphones is specifically designed to bring users industry-leading selfie capabilities.

Featuring a 44MP front camera that enables 4K selfie video recording, V20 and V20 Pro rank among the best selfie phones from the get-go. Paired with an ultra-sleek design, AMOLED display, and robust overall performance, it’s clear that these devices punch well above their price range.


In 2020, smartphone camera innovation has been a very exciting field. There have been some great new camera technologies that improve users’ mobile photography experience. While most of these smartphones have heavily focused on the main camera, the selfie camera still has so much room for improvement. vivo decided to take on this issue with its new lineup of V20 smartphones. In this article, we will go over the performance experience of the V20, and how it out-shines other phones with its selfie camera technology.

A Photography Studio in your Pocket

With photography being one of the main areas of focus for the V20 series, vivo did not cut any corners with these smartphones. When it comes to the main camera, the V20 and V20 Pro have the same sensors. A 64MP sensor is accompanied by an 8MP ultrawide sensor and a 2MP depth sensor. This high-resolution sensor is able to produce really fantastic photos.

vivo V20 Pro Main Camera

Users will be able to shoot video at 4K resolution in 30 or 60fps options. If users want to shoot some slo-mo footage, they can film at 120 and 240fps with the main camera.

But the selfie shooter is the star of the show. Here is why:

Higher Quality Photos

V20 and V20 Pro both have the same large 44MP sensor. The selfie camera resolution is important, especially for anyone that edits their selfies before publishing them. The ability to have more detail and larger file sizes will make for better editing results.

This sensor is equipped with a super-fast AF that can accurately focus the shot from 15cm, out to infinity. Whether you’re shooting up close, with the help of a selfie stick, or from even greater distances, you’ll be able to have a perfectly focused shot.

vivo V20 44MP Selfie Camera

The vivo V20 Pro has an additional 8MP ultrawide sensor. The option to take wide shots from your front camera means group selfies will have a much better result. You’ll be able to get everyone in the shot while still being able to take high-quality photos.

Sharper Videos

Most phones will limit their selfie video resolution to 1080p. This is mostly fine if you take videos for Snapchat and other social media, but for people that want to take high-quality footage for vlogs or other types of video creation, they are left out. The ability to shoot in 4K from the front camera is important for anyone who depends on their phone for filming.


Both V20 and the V20 Pro have the ability to shoot in 4K at 60fps. Use the 4K format to shoot better videos for platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Use your high-resolution footage to have more freedom with editing your videos. You can also use Slo-Mo Selfie Video for dramatic front camera footage. This will let you film up to 240FPS with great results.

Smooth Footage

The gyro-EIS technology is applied to the front camera as well. This means the footage will be much smoother. When you are filming your selfie shots with your hand, the footage can tend to turn out shaky and ultimately unusable, without the gyro-EIS feature. The Steadiface Selfie Video feature uses this technology to improve your self-shot videos. It’s able to track your face and steady your shot based on the movement of your face. This will result in reducing motion blur and making sure you stay in the frame. This function can be found on the V20 and V20 Pro models.

Powerful Editing Features

Once you’ve got your selfie shots, it’s time to edit them with the powerful tools from Funtouch 11. AI Image Matting lets you separate your subject from the background. You can swap the background, adjust the portrait size, and adjust the angle. Do you have a blurry selfie you need to fix? The HD Restoration feature will repair blurry or low-definition shots. It will use AI to improve the quality of these photos. The results are very impressive. It’s a good tool for fixing old baby photos or photos that have been scanned into your phone.


High-end Look and Robust Performance for a Complete Package

The V20 series aims for a bold but simple look. Several different color options are available from Sunset Melody, Midnight Jazz, or Moonlight Sonata. Each color has its own very unique appearance, with the Sunset Melody option having a gradient look that shifts from purple to yellow. The other color options give you the choice of simple black or white surfaces.

The Sunset Melody is my personal favorite of the available colors. The metallic look of the phone is filled with purple, orange, and yellow reflections. It’s a really great effect that they were able to achieve, making it obvious why the V20 phones have been dubbed one of the best-looking phones of 2020 by reviewers.

vivo V20 and V20 Pro are available in Sunset Melody

The camera is another aspect of the design that I really like. Many smartphones struggle with making the multiple-sensors on the back look nice. vivo has housed all of the sensors under a single black rectangle on the back. This is one of the better designs available for back-camera solutions.

The fingerprint scanner is an in-display sensor. This leaves the back, side, and front of the phone cleaner with less visible hardware features. Overall, this results in a very premium-looking phone. Even with the bold color options, the phone maintains a professional and sleek appearance.

Powered by the Snapdragon 720G and 8GB of RAM, the vivo V20 is able to deliver on fantastic performance. The Android system runs perfectly smooth on this phone, having no issues with multitasking. When it comes to gaming, graphics-intensive experiences like PUBG or Fortnite run at well over 30FPS. Apps launch quickly and have short load times. If you go with the pro model you get the faster Snapdragon 765G with the same 8GB of RAM. The faster chipset will boost your in-game performance while being able to run the most graphics-heavy games from the Play store, without any issues.

With a 4000mAh battery capacity, you’ll find that you have a great battery life that can last you through two days of use. Using this phone as my primary device, I’d have to charge it every other night. The only exception is when I’m using it for gaming, which will bring me back to the charger at the end of one day.

The vivo V20 is the mid-range option for this new family of phones. For budget shoppers, the V20 SE aims to offer a more affordable solution, while still offering a great camera experience. Each phone in this family shares a sleek design and a great photography experience.

Learn more about the vivo V20 here

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