VLC 3.4 update brings bookmarks and a better audio player to Android

VLC 3.4 update brings bookmarks and a better audio player to Android

Almost a year after rolling out VLC for Android v3.3, the developers behind the popular media player have started rolling out VLC for Android v3.4. The latest update brings with it several new features, including a better audio player, bookmarks, and more.

As highlighted in a recent blog post, VLC for Android v3.4 is the fourth major release of VLC 3. It includes a new bookmarks feature that lets you add bookmarks to your media and quickly start playback where you left off. This is a handy addition for those who listen to podcasts or audiobooks using VLC. The update also brings a nifty change to the way VLC handles permissions, allowing you to use the media player for streaming without granting it the file permission.


VLC for Android bookmarks

Furthermore, VLC for Android v3.4 brings interface changes for the audio player that give it a more modern design and put the content at the center. Check out the screenshots below to see what the new audio player looks like.

With v3.4, VLC now also has an improved onboarding experience for Android smartphones and TVs. It now has a clearer workflow, making it great for those who are new to the media player.

VLC for Android new onboarding workflow

The developers have also updated the tips that are shown the first time you use the audio and video players, which are more in line with the recent interface changes.

If you use VLC on Android Auto, you’ll also notice some navigation updates in the latest release. These changes make it much easier to browse and play audio from your library in the Android Auto interface.

Along with the changes mentioned above, VLC for Android v3.4 includes the following improvements:

  • Search a media
  • Play streams or playlists
  • More media info is displayed
  • Improved pagination
  • Improved cover synchronization
  • Performance improvements

Lastly, the update also brings an updated video list design and several under-the-hood fixes. You can download the latest release by following the Play Store link below.

VLC for Android
Developer: Videolabs
Price: Free

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