VLC 3.2 beta redesigns the player UI on Android

VLC 3.2 beta redesigns the player UI on Android

VLC is one of the most popular media players that has been available since the inception of the internet, thanks in part to its cross-platform capabilities, its familiarity, its open source nature, and its sheer age. The media player has matured across several operating systems and is widely appreciated for its ability to play practically everything. Media players on Android are notorious of losing sight of their original goals, so it is refreshing to see VLC stick to its “no fluff” attitude on Android. The newest VLC 3.2 Beta on Android redesigns the player user interface to refresh its look.


The changes between VLC v3.1.7 and v3.2.0 Beta 1 are not very significant because you are unlikely to spend a lot of time looking at the player UI. But they do get rid of the orange buttons that felt dated on an evolved OS like Android. You also get the file name displayed right on the playing screen. The subtitles icon has been moved, and so has the “More Settings” button. The toggle for switching between different resize options has been removed (now present in the “More Settings” pane), and we now have a dedicated button for rotating between landscape and portrait.

Changes between v3.1.7 and v3.2.0-beta-01 are as follows:

  • Application:
    • UI redesign, including player and TV browsers
    • ViewModel layer refactoring
    • Subtitles are now saved in the media folder when possible

If you want to try out the latest VLC Beta, you can download it from its official download link. Or you can wait for the changes to mature and come over to the stable branch. Past few updates have brought over significant changes such as support for Android Auto, OTG, and app shortcuts, Chromecast and Samsung DeX. So we can be sure to see these and other changes bundled into a stable release once they are deemed mature enough.

Download VLC 3.2.0-beta-01 for Android

VLC for Android
Developer: Videolabs
Price: Free

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