VM Heap Size Tool Updated

VM Heap Size Tool Updated

You may remember an app that we discussed a while back called VM HeapTool. Well, XDA member martino2k6 has released a new version of this app, which includes a complete re-design of the UI, many bug fixes and improvements, and the ability to translate the app into virtually any language for those users who cannot understand English. Just a quick reminder, this app basically will ensure that less junk is grabbed by the device, which will in turn provide the different apps with more available resources to play with. It is easy to use (without the need to go through adb or any kind of complex commands or anything like that).

Please provide some feedback fro the dev. Thanks.

I wrote a small application to allow easily changing the VM heap size (no more adb pull, edit, adb push). People on CM ROMs may be familiar with a similar option, but here is a little tool for those who are not running CM. As it modifies a variable which can affect the stability of the system, be careful with how you use it  More about the VM heap size is written in the application itself. And of course, if I made any mistakes or if something is incorrect please correct me.

You can find more information in the application thread.

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