VOLTA Spark Brings MagSafe-style Cables to USB-C

VOLTA Spark Brings MagSafe-style Cables to USB-C

When you use a USB-C cable every day, you begin to realize how important it is to have a nice high-quality cable. We all have different types of devices that have different types of charge ports, so keeping track of multiple cables can become a bit of a hassle. VOLTA has created a cable that solves both of these issues while recreating the convenience of the MagSafe charger design. With the VOLTA Spark, you can have one cable with interchangeable magnetic tips, for an all-in-one solution that will charge all of your devices.

VOLTA has been creating high-quality magnetic charging cables for years, making them the best solution on the market. With the VOLTA Spark, they’ve created a USB-C cable with interchangeable magnetic tips. You’ll have options for USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning connections. These connections have a minimal protrusion from the port, which has a powerful magnet that will easily snap onto the cable. However, just like the MagSafe chargers, the cable will disconnect when pulled, to prevent your device from flying across the room.


Get the VOLTA SPARK here. [$35.95]

We believe in improving human experiences. Even if it’s as simple as helping you charge all your devices with a single cable.


Making the VOLTA Spark a convenient magnetic cable is only one of the great things about this cable. Durability was another important focus when designing this product. Using military-grade nylon, the protective sleeve along the cable will protect it from the usual damage that you’ll experience on standard cables. This will also extend the life of your cable, making it a better investment as something that will be able to charge your devices in years to come.

Your VOLTA Spark cable comes in lengths of 3.2 and 6.5 feet, with options for 60W or 100W capacities. The cable is good for more than just charging though, as data transfer speeds are supported for up to 480Mbps.

  • Snag-safe magnetic design
  • Works with multiple adapters
  • Charges any USB-C, Micro-USB, or Lightning device
  • Anti-fray guard
  • Smart LED charging indicator
  • Strong N52 neodymium magnet
  • Fast charging
  • Lifetime warranty
  • OTG charging

If you’re looking to consolidate your collection of chargers, and you’re tired of low-quality cheap solutions, VOLTA Spark is designed for you. It’s a safer, more convenient charger with a warranty that makes it the last charger you’ll ever need. See more information on their website here.

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