Volume Styles lets you theme Android’s volume panel with different styles

Volume Styles lets you theme Android’s volume panel with different styles

Android’s volume panel has seen a fair few customizations over the years. However, the changes are a little difficult for the average users to keep track of, mainly because this is one area that OEM skins end up customizing to suit their own overall design aesthetic. These UX skins themselves tweak and vary their design languages across flagships and generations. The end result is that we have seen a lot of volume panel designs over the years, but no real way to customize the panel beyond what the OEM has provided for, if they have. If you are looking to change things up on your phone, check out Volume Styles, an app that lets you customize the volume panel on your Android device.


Volume Styles by XDA Senior Member TomBayley1 lets you customize the volume panel in several different ways. For one, you can choose from the pre-existing styles present within the app, ranging from Stock Android, Samsung One UI, iOS, MIUI, OxygenOS, EMUI, a Wave design, Windows 10, Android Horizontal, Elastic design, and Emoji design.

Volume Styles does have a few options present behind an in-app purchase — namely full-color customization, unlocking auto-expanding volume panel setting. But the rest of the options are easily accessible and should suffice for a lot of users. For instance, after selecting your main style, you can:

  • Select whether it follows dark mode
  • Change corner radius
  • Change panel position between left or right
  • Select the slider types that will be visible or hidden
  • Change vertical position, i.e. from top to bottom
  • Change panel timeout
  • Change vibration setting when a shortcut is selected
  • Adjust volume key repeat delay and initial delay
  • Allow changing auto-brightness
  • Dim the background behind the panel

These settings give you a lot of control over how the Volume Panel should look and behave on your phone. Do keep in mind that the app needs to run as an Accessibility service to intercept the volume button presses.

If you are interested in changing the look of your volume panel, check out the app thread below:

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