VVM7 – Visual Voice Mail For Windows Phone 7

VVM7 – Visual Voice Mail For Windows Phone 7

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A popular feature of the iPhone and some Android phones is the functionality of visual voicemail. Thanks to XDA forum member TheBeO, now WP7 owners also get to listen and manage their voicemail in a visual app, instead of calling the voicemail number.

Because the WP7 SDK does not currently allow a function that is required for VVM7, the XDA dev has used a hack thanks to Jeremia Morrill.

Current features include:

  • Retrieving your voice mail (and sync with the operator server)
  • Tap on an item to show details and play button to listen
  • Double tap an item to automatically play the message
  • Delete a message
  • Call, send SMS, save.

For more information and to download the xap file, head on over to the application thread.