Wallpaper Engine for Android is finally here

Wallpaper Engine for Android is finally here

Wallpaper Engine, the popular PC wallpaper app that lets you create your own animated wallpapers, is now available on Android. In September, the developer behind the app revealed that an Android would be coming soon and two months later, the app is finally here.

The Android companion app comes as part of the Wallpaper Engine 2.0, which adds several new improvements and additions to the service including a new 3D depth effect, new logo, and more.

The Android app is itself free but, to get the most out of it, you’ll need to use it in conjunction with the Windows app which is paid. You can import your live wallpaper collection from your PC to the mobile app or use videos, GIFs, and images locally stored on your phone as wallpapers. You can also create a custom wallpaper playlist that automatically cycles your wallpaper at set intervals or based on the time of the day.


The Android app also supports Android 12’s dynamic wallpaper-based theming and Material You.

Key features of the Wallpaper Engine Android Companion app include:

  • No hidden costs, no advertisements, no user tracking or data collection.
  • Transfer Scene and Video type wallpapers from Wallpaper Engine on your computer to Android wirelessly.
  • Import any compatible files from your device as a wallpaper: Videos, GIFs, images & Wallpaper Engine wallpapers
  • Create a playlist of your wallpapers and use different playlist modes
  • Automatically pauses when power saving mode is enabled, offers FPS and quality settings.
  • Full support for dynamic audio visualizers, clocks & other dynamic wallpaper elements
  • Let wallpapers move along with the motion of your device (devices with gyroscope)
  • Support for automatic theme colors based on the current wallpaper, including Android 12’s Material You

If you want to try out Wallpaper Engine on your Android device, you can download the app from the Google Play Store or sideload the APK from the developer’s website.

Wallpaper Engine
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