Walls for Reddit Pulls Wallpapers from Various Subreddits

Walls for Reddit Pulls Wallpapers from Various Subreddits

There are a number of subreddits that focus entirely on beautiful portraits, landscapes, and other amazing images. Walls for Reddit currently pulls these images from about 11 different subreddits (including /r/Art, /r/EarthPorn, /r/spaceporn etc.) so you have something new to look whenever you want. The application has an automatic feature that can change your current wallpaper every day, hours or minutes, and you can set exactly which subreddit these images are pulled from. Along with the listed features below, Walls for Reddit even has integration with Muzei with filters for NSFW and HD images.


– List and grid view
– Sort by hot, new or top wallpapers
– About 11+ subreddits (Including Art, EarthPorn, spaceporn etc.)
– Download wallpaper on the device
– Share wallpaper
– Light and dark theme
– Hide NSFW images
– Load images in medium or high quality

Check out Walls for Reddit on XDA Labs

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