Walmart plans to sell its own absurdly-cheap Android TV streaming stick

Walmart plans to sell its own absurdly-cheap Android TV streaming stick

Like many other retail stores, Walmart sells various tech products and accessories (most of which are ODM designs) under its own “Onn.” brand, alongside products from more well-known brands like Apple, Google, Roku, and so on. The company sells Onn-branded cables, accessories, and even Android tablets, but now Walmart is gearing up to release its own Android TV streaming stick — and it’s really cheap.

Walmart, everyone’s favorite anti-competitive and low-wage retail store, recently created a product listing for the “onn. FHD Streaming Stick” (via Android TV Guide). You can’t buy it yet, but the stick has a retail price of $24.88. If the price doesn’t change before release, it would make the Onn stick one of the least expensive Android TV streaming boxes to date. The Chromecast with Google TV and TiVo Stream 4K are both priced at $50 (though often go on sale for $40), and the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is currently $40 in the US. Outside of the Android ecosystem, the Roku Express typically goes for around $25.

Product listing for Onn stick, showing a price of $24.88

Onn Stick product listing on Walmart’s website

The product listing doesn’t have a lot of specific details, but it does confirm a maximum resolution of 1080p, Dolby Audio support, 1GB RAM, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi support, and a microUSB port for power. The remote has a Google Assistant button and a microphone for voice commands, as well as dedicated buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max. There’s also a wall power adapter and HDMI extension cable in the box, in case the HDMI or USB ports on your TV are difficult to access.

It remains to be seen if the stick will work with Amazon Prime Video, which is known to be blocked on many Android TV devices. Netflix also blocks content playback on TV devices that the company hasn’t certified, but the dedicated button for the service on the remote indicates Netflix should be available. Walmart is also preparing to launch a 4K Android TV box, which will cost around $30.

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