Walmart Partners with Google Express for Hands-Free Shopping

Walmart Partners with Google Express for Hands-Free Shopping

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Walmart has been trying to compete with the likes of Amazon in the online shopping market for a few years now. The company recently tried launching their own version of an Amazon Prime-like service which offered free shipping if the consumer paid an annual fee. They discontinued this project but are still trying to compete with Amazon and making themselves available to more customers is a good way of doing that. Together with Google, they have announced a partnership that includes Walmart’s online products in the Google Express application and website.

This is a big deal in and of itself as Google has been trying to make online shopping more convenient with their Google Express service for a while. Sadly, the service received a lot of negative attention when Google started forcing people use its shopping list for Google Express when adding something via Google Home. Still, Google Express is handy for a lot of people and this new partnership with Walmart should improve that user experience even more.

This new partnership goes beyond just adding Walmart products to the Google Express application and website, though. Back in February of this year we saw Google add hands-free shopping support to Google Home with its Google Express service. We know that Google is continuing to improve this feature too as a recent APK teardown revealed hints of shopping list reminders. So you’ll be able to handle your online Walmart shopping directly from Google Home or Google Assistant hands-free.

With this new partnership, you can link your Walmart account to Google and receive personalized shopping results based on your online and in-store Walmart purchases. So if you normally order a product in a certain size, then Google will already know which specific one you want based on the recommendations from Walmart. We don’t know the exact date when this store will start showing up in the Google Express app, but we are told that it will happen sometime in late-September.

Google has even announced that Google Express is offering free shipping through its service as long as your order is above each store’s minimum.

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