Wanam Xposed Updated With Samsung Lollipop Support

Wanam Xposed Updated With Samsung Lollipop Support

If you are a wanderer of our forums and own a Samsung device, we can assume that you have heard of XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor, wanam, before. For those who haven’t, wanam is the developer of WanamLite roms for a bunch of Samsung devices, as well as the developer of some popular Xposed modules like Youtube Adaway and Wanam Xposed.

Speaking of Wanam Xposed, the module has received an update recently adding support for Samsung Lollipop devices. The test version that was released supports only Samsung Lollipop ROMs and has been tested with only some of its long list of features, such as:


– Circle battery
– Clock position
– Fake system status (Official)
– Private mode and SHealth support
– Extended power menu
– Expanded notifications
– Remove Sfinder and quick connect bar
– Ignore Security notifications(Knox)
– Expanded volume panel with custom background color
– Updated some notifications features
– Skip media with volume buttons
– CSC features

Between releasing the last update and us reporting it, the app has been updated again with a fix for an issue related to heads up notifications.

There are a few things to note here. For one, Wanam Xposed still does not support 64-bit Samsung Lollipop devices, so support is restricted to 32-bit Samsung Lollipop devices. The module also uses a modified version of arter97’s unofficial Xposed framework for Samsung Lollipop devices, which can be found linked to in the update post.

If you own a Samsung device, go ahead and give this a spin to see why people like this particular module.

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